Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago


Dear Equality Supporters;

Let me get right to the point. We are asking you to continue taking action against House Bill 2051, which we are calling the “Don’t Say Gay” bill because it attempts to remove discussion of sexual orientation from public schools. (I realize this is not a title inclusive of the entire community, but it reflects the language of the bill, cuts to the heart of the issue, and gets things across to the media.)

If you have not done so already, we ask you to sign the petition opposing the bill now and forward it to all of your friends. Many people have asked about writing the bill sponsors; however, these bill sponsors are among the most reactionary members of the House and are not likely to be swayed by a series of emails. Just a few weeks ago during the Rush Limbaugh bust debacle, the Missouri House email system went down for a period of time due to the high volume, yet it did not sway the Limbaugh-nistas.

Our goal with the petition is two-fold: first, to add your names and your friends’ names to the list of supporters who want to see better, stronger protections for youth; and second, to get this issue out into the mainstream press. Right now you have most likely heard about “Don’t Say Gay” only through social media or blogs. We need the mainstream media to start picking up this story to shine a light on the bigotry behind this mean-spirited bill.

Instead of letters or emails, we want to put a face to the issue — your face — and it needs to be visual and emotional. That’s why we have partnered with Progress Missouri to launch a micro-site called where you can keep up to date on the bill and upload a video with your personal response to and feelings about this awful bill. Go to for details on how to upload your video. If you can’t do your own video, we are working to set up locations and times around the state where you can record a video. Watch for emails from your regional PROMO organizer for further updates.


In short, we couldn’t do this work without your support — whether by signing the petition to add your statement, making a video of your response to this bill, or making a donation.

Thank you, and with your help I look forward to a swift resolution on this matter in favor of justice.

In equality,

A.J. Bockelman
Executive Director, PROMO